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Moving Supplies NYC By BigAppleBoxes

About BigAppleBoxes: Moving Supplies NYCBigAppleBoxes is a reputed name when it comes to moving supplies NYC. Moving is a tiring thing especially if you don’t know how to pack your things. The best thing about BigAppleBoxes is that when they arrive at your home their moving kit contains everything you need to pack your stuff and relocate to a new place. Their prices are affordable and their services impeccable. They are the best when it comes to moving supplies NYC. Why Choose BigAppleBoxes For your Moving Supplies :The reason why you should choose BigAppleBoxes for moving supplies NYC is because they work..  - Read More

Ease the bother and expense of moving.

A new home is exciting; but packing and moving can be draining and costly. Big Apple Boxes helps New Yorkers ease the expense and frustration—for less. Read on for money-saving tips that will make moving day a smooth ride—whether to the next block or next borough.  Professional packers and movers aren’t cheap. Doing it yourself saves tons of money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your precious belongings were packed and transported with care.  Plan packing and moving parties! Ask friends with trucks, SUVs or vans to help transport your treasured belongings. Enlist those with free time to help..  - Read More

Moving guide and tips

 Supplies to Keep Handy at All Times Boxes marking pen bubble wrap newspaper and tissue Tape and scissors Tape measure How to Pack Boxes Choose box sizes appropriate for the items being packed.  This will save on space, time, effort, and materials. Wrap each item individually. Wrap smaller items with non-printed newspaper to avoid ink stains. Use bubble wrap. Wrap paper second layer of paper over bubble wrap. Clearly mark and label each antique piece. The box should say FRAGILE or GLASS. Use packing peanuts instead of printed newspaper to avoid stains and paint marring. For small, heavy items use..  - Read More

5 easy ways to save money during a move.

Moving is probably one of the most stressful and time-consuming activities you can undertake as a human being. The costs can add up quickly with all of the various boxes, supplies, and movers you might need, not to mention the security deposits and realtor fees that must be paid as you move in to your new place. Luckily, many moving costs are avoidable if you’re willing to put in some effort. So if your money is tight, consider some of these cost saving strategies. Make Some Friends and Move it Yourself – This one should be a no-brainer; If you..  - Read More

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