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Insulating the insides of your Cardboard Boxes is important if you want all of your belongings to make it to their destination in one piece. Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, and even Clothing can be effectively used to pad the insides of a Moving Box. 

Use this guide to decide which type of Box insulation to use while moving or shipping.

Bubble Wrap: Who Doesn't love Bubble Wrap? It's lightweight, flexible and not nearly as messy as styrofoam peanuts. In addition, once you're done with it you can give it to your kids to distract them for a few hours!

Packing Paper: Packing Paper is ideal for wrapping up delicate china or glassware because of how easily it can be folded and placed into any crevace. We sell Heavy Duty Kraft Paper, but if you're on a tight budget ordinary Newsprint can be used just as effectively.

Clothing/Pillows/Blankets: Believe it or not, all of these can be used very effectively to insulate moving boxes that have large, heavy items. Using these materials will save you money as well as eliminate the need to pack the materials in their own box, saving you room.

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